Recruitment type

List of Available Jobs

Application Requirements

Salaries / Bonuses / Allowances
Salary Increases: Once per year (May)
Bonuses: Twice per year (June, December)
Allowances: Commutation allowance, family allowance, executive allowance, qualification allowance, overtime pay
Place of Work
Tokyo metropolitan area (Roppongi head office, client sites)
* With regard to client sites, there is a possibility of dispatchment overseas and to other parts of Japan depending on the project in progress.
Working Hours
Designated working hours of 8 hours per day starting at 09:00 and ending at 18:00 with a one hour break.
* There may be cases in which starting times and ending times are earlier or later depending on the requirements of the project.
Welfare Benefits
[Welfare Benefits]
- Full cost of transportation paid
- Special leave when joining the company
- Meet-and-greet events for the entire company
- Employee commendation system
- Fringe benefit system
- Sports gym, golf course and camping resort privilege system
- Recreation facility and restaurant privilege system
- Financial assistance system for travel discount
- Large-scale theme park and USJ facility privilege system
- Various health promotion programs
- Various club activities

[Training Systems]
- Dirbato training programs
- Occupational training
- Proposal creation training
- Public cloud training
- CRM study program, etc.
- Various workshops (in-house seminars)
- Career counselling system
- Qualification acquisition system
- New Business Planning System, etc.