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Making use of the rapid pace of progress in digital technology, Dirbato's new business field will create new value for the world.
There are many industries that will experience an increase in "Joy" by involving themselves in IT, and there are still many areas of technology capable of solving apparent and latent issues throughout the world.
Members who share the enthusiasm toward technology and solving problems will create new levels of value.


Our Product

Job Change Platform
Using AI that Analyzes Senses

A service supporting job changes optimized for each and every person involved in the field of IT.
An AI job change service helping people find jobs that not only provide a basis for future income and career paths, but that also match up with their individual characteristics (senses) to increase the level of happiness in everybody involved in the field of IT.

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Digital Transformation (DX) Solution for Finance and Accounting

The solution aims at completely improving business operations involving Finance and accounting, which still rely on paper and personal seals. It is still necessary for people involved in Finance and accounting to go into their offices to do their work, despite the current coronavirus crises, and the main reason for this is that their jobs involve the use of paper and personal seals. However, these Solution are provided under the context of it being necessary to restructure finance and accounting affairs in the future from the viewpoints of improving productivity, sustaining operations, and for protecting the lives and health of employees.

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Our Seeds

Here we introduce a part of the lineup that is under consideration.

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    Before joinging Dirbato, Masaki assumed their current position after working for multiple US strategic consulting firms, and as the director of ASEAN business in a Japanese consulting firm. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable in the fields of Fintech, open innovation and DX, etc., they is recently focusing their attention on creating new businesses and innovations with the use of big data x AI, IoT, 5G, cloud computing and other leading-edge technologies that transcend the specialistic fields of Financial Services & Payment. Has also been an advisor for the Liberal Democratic Party's Special Committee on IT Strategy and Financial Settlement Subcommittee, an instructor for University of Tokyo’s Near-Future Financial System Creation Program, and a writer for Nikkei FinTech, as well as being trilingual and speaking Japanese, English and Thai.

  • Richard Yen

    Richard Yen

    Richard Yen

    Richard Yen

    Senior Manager


    Before joining Dirbato, Richard worked in both Japan domestic and foreign consulting firms. In recent years, Richard has focused on global projects in industries such as finance, payment and telecommunication with themes such as new business development, open innovation and digital transformation. Richard also has experience in supporting overseas expansion, market research and analysis, operation redesign, spend management and ERP system implementation, etc.