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We want to create a starting point for changing Japan.

The Heisei Era (1989-2019), also known as the "thirty lost years," has come to an end, and we have now entered the Reiwa Era.
Japan's economy lagged greatly behind the rest of the world during the thirty years of the Heisei Era, and Japan's presence within the world has been losing its momentum year by year.
Amid this environment, looking at the IT industry, we see that existing industries are changing the way they operate, not only in regard to AI, but also big data and the technology for processing it.
This is bringing about what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is expected to be even larger than the previous industrial revolutions; and there is no doubt that this will bring about the technological singularity.

So, how should we approach this era of drastic change and ensure our survival? I personally believe that making the correct decisions will provide us with a chance to revitalize Japan.

We at Dirbato will continue our daily battle to revitalize Japan by enhancing the market value of IT consultants and engineers active during this period of, and at the core of, this drastic reform. By doing so, we can provide our customers with even higher-quality services.

CEO & President:Yasuhide Kanayama